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Halloween Candy Grab Bag - with Surprise Pop Out Skeleton Hand

$11.99 $19.99


The NEW Halloween candy Grab Bag for trick or treating offers a fun way for kids to trick the treat giver with a spooky surprise! Easily turn the handles at the front of the bag to pop out a spooky skeleton hand to surprise the treat giver. Adults can use it to hand out candy and surprise the kids as well. Ages 5+. Patent pending.

  • Trick for Treats Halloween candy bag! Kids get to trick the treat giver with a spooky skeleton surprise!
  • Adults - use the bag to give out candy and surprise the kids and its also a fun Halloween party trick!
  • Just rotate handles forward to make the surprise pop out of the bag! No batteries required!
  • The skeleton hand springs out of the bag when the handles are turned and automatically returns to the bag once the handles are released.
  • Simple to use, made with Trick-or-Treat-aged children in mind (but really fun for all ages)