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The Original MantleClip® Stocking Holder - Hunter Green

Size: 4 Pack
Color: Hunter Green
The Original MantleClip® stocking holder features a sophisticated, low-profile design that will not interfere with other Christmas decor displayed on the mantel. Ordinary stocking holders often consist of very heavy weights that can fall on curious children or pets. These amazing MantleClip stocking holders are the answer! Weighing only a few ounces each, these durable clips hold stockings in place safely and securely. With their sturdy metal construction, they support even the fullest stockings (up to 10lbs). Clear soft gripper pads hold the mantel clips in place while protecting the mantel surface from scratches. Use these versatile mantel clips to display Christmas stockings, holiday ornaments, and colorful garlands.
  • The Original MantleClip stocking holder fits a variety of mantel types and can expand to fit most ledges up to 3 inches thick.
  • Clear gripper pads hold tight and protect the mantel surface.
  • Lightweight yet holds even the fullest stockings (up to 10 lbs). It is a safe choice for households with children and pets.
  • Made of Steel