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Adapt™ Adjustable Christmas Stocking Tree Stand - Black or Ivory White - Up to 8 Hooks

$49.99 $59.99


The Adjustable Stocking Tree offers a unique solution for hanging Christmas stockings where there is no mantel. This stocking tree features two rows of hooks for hanging stockings and the option to place the tree just about anywhere you want it. The stocking tree height adjusts from 19 to 42 inches and provides the option for a single or double row of stockings; plenty of room to accommodate a variety of families. The single rod holds up to 4 stockings and can sit on a tabletop or small space while the 42- inch size holds up to 8 stockings and allow you to set it on the floor or hearth. The tree also works great for hanging a single wreath! Simply use 1 hook and face it towards the room. Includes a durable and sturdy weighted base. Indoor use. Base measures at 8.25-inch diameter. Total height is 42 inches high at full extension. Total weight is 4.64 lbs. PATENT PENDING.

  • Black or Ivory White finish. Indoor use.
  • When used on carpet, place a piece of wood or flat, hard surface under stocking tree for best performance.
  • When used on a hard surface, the stocking tree can hold up to 2 pounds on each hook
  • When hanging heavy stockings, hang the stockings evenly spaced around the stocking tree rather than hanging them all on one side
  • Patent Pending