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Attract® Dual Magnetic Wreath Hanger - 2 Pack - Matte Black



This hanging accessory has a new and improved design! Dual-magnet allows this hanger to hold your heavily decorated wreaths. No-pinch technology prevents fingers from getting pinched when removing the hanger from the door. This hanging accessory is the perfect solution to the question of how to hang your wreath or other household items when a traditional over-the-door style hanger doesn’t suit your needs.

  • 2 exact same magnetic wreath hangers; use 1 for metal doors and surfaces, use 2 for single pane glass doors or windows placing 1 magnetic hanger on each side of the glass
  • Dual magnets feature super strong magnets for holding up wreaths and other household items
  • Heavy-duty magnet holds 5-10 pounds on metal surfaces and up to 8 pounds for single-pane glass surfaces. Results will vary depending on door composition and surface finish.
  • Soft padding on the back protects the door or glass from scratches and marks. Extended hook provides leverage for easy removal and now has new patented no-pinch technology!  
  • U.S. Patent No.10,736,273
  • Versatile finishes are suitable for year-round use! Perfect for all seasons.