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The Original MantleClip® Stocking Holder Swag


The Original MantleClip® Swag features the same sophisticated low-profile design, adjustability, clear gripper pads, safety, and strength of The Original MantleClip® stocking holder with a new twist! The Original MantleClip® Swag features flame-retardant PVC greenery tips with faux red berries clusters and real pinecones. It an be used on a mantel or table ledge and offers a festive look to a stocking holder that is different than anything else on the market. It can also help to blend the stocking holder into existing PVC greenery garlands. The Original MantleClip® stocking holder fits a variety of mantel types and can even expand to fit ledges up to 3 inches thick. Clear soft gripper pads hold the mantel clips in place while protecting the mantel surface from scratches. With their sturdy metal construction, they support even the fullest stockings (up to 10 lbs). What's more, these stocking holders are a good choice for households with pets and small children. Ordinary stocking holders often consist of very heavy weights which can fall on curious children or pets. This set contains 1 metal Original MantleClip® stocking holder and 1 PVC greenery swag.